Accutane Lawsuit Information

by on October 19, 2011

Accutane Lawsuit

Accutane Lawsuit – Are You Eligible?

Accutane is a harsh drug that has produced major gastrointestinal complications in dozens of patients all over the nation, many have which have ended up filing an Accutane Lawsuit. If you or your family member has suffered from one or more side effects mentioned below due to a course of Accutane, you have the full rights to file for an Accutane lawsuit with the guidance of a competent Accutane lawyer.

Manufactured by La Roche Hoffman, one of the leading pharmaceutical products manufacturers in the world, Accutane is a synthetic variation of Vitamin A. It can be a powerful agent in treatment of severe acne. Several brands of this medication are available on the market, including Sotret, Raccutane, Amnesteem, and Decutan amongst many others.

Although the drug was originally manufactured for treatment of severe acne, most dermatologists prescribe it for mild acne cases. The side effects of taking this harsh medication for non-severe cases of acne outweigh the benefits involved. Being aware of these potential side effects can be invaluable for those who wish to file an Accutane lawsuit.

Accutane is known to inhibit oil glands and cell growth and help in clearing out severe acne. It does this by depleting all body molecules of water so that the eyes, scalp, and skin remain barely well-lubricated. However, it also affects reproduction and leads to complications in the gastrointestinal system.

Although Accutane was used to help reduce acne, it produces harsh effects like weak skin, Alopecia, suicidal tendencies, liver damage, birth defects, lowered blood cell count, and even bone loss amongst many, resulting in many people filing Accutane Lawsuit cases.

Dangerous Side Effects of Accutane

Accutane usage has also been linked with gastrointestinal complications of late. These include Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Several incidences also indicate that drastic surgical treatment may be required by patients using Accutane for treatment. In some cases, this has involved the removal of parts of the colon and rectum. Although adverse effects of Accutane can take years to show up, the severity of side effects produced will vary too. For that very reason, it’s important that you consult with an experienced Accutane lawyer to file your Accutane lawsuit correctly.

Other negative side effects of Accutane include liver, pancreas, liver bowels, and esophagus problems. If you’ve been using Accutane and are experiencing pain in one or more of these areas, it is a sign that organ damage may be occurring inside your body from it, and it is definitely wise to seek advice on filing an Accutane lawsuit. Symptoms of organ damage include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Heartburn
  • Bleeding from rectum
  • Dark urine

Accutane Lawsuit

If you experience one or more of the above symptoms, immediately consult with a qualified doctor for an accurate diagnosis. The next step should be to contact a team of experienced Accutane lawyers to review your case, and whether filing an Accutane lawsuit is feasible. A good initiative would be filling out the form on this page.

Why You Should File an Accutane Lawsuit

Accutane manufacturers have a legal responsibility to print clear warnings against all potential side effects of this drug, both short and long-term. The side effects of Accutane have caused overwhelming amounts of suffering and pain, and even wrongful death in certain cases.

Human life is priceless. The cost of the insurmountable amount of suffering and pain that Accutane has caused you is something that cannot be recovered by any amount of financial fine. However, financial burdens like lost income and hospital costs can be relieved through money recovered from Accutane lawsuit settlements. It is also your duty to raise your voice against dishonest companies like the manufacturers of Accutane and prevent them from leading astray many more innocent consumers.

How Much Monetary Settlement You Can Expect from an Accutane Lawsuit

Settlement amounts on Accutane lawsuit cases in the past have been generous. The court tends to favor the Accutane victim in most cases. Some notable Accutane lawsuit settlements include a man who’d undergone three serious surgeries that involved the removal of the majority of his rectum and colon. He won the case in court and was compensated with 25.16 million dollars after filing his lawsuit.

With all the drastic side effects that Accutane has had, it’s a surprise that doctors still feel confident in prescribing this medication. The Food & Drug Administration has recently asked all manufacturers to place warnings on all boxes. However, the warnings on the boxes do not signal towards the disastrous side effects that have been seen in so many cases. Some US states have even taken legal action against Hoffman La Roche for the birth defects resulting from usage of this medication.

The exact settlement amount will vary depending on the severity of your case. This can best be predicted through submission of your Accutane Lawsuit case for review to Accutane Lawyers.

Submitting Your Accutane Case for Review

Once you submit your Accutane lawsuit damage case for evaluation on the right, our team of Accutane lawyers will individually review your case and get back to you with a customized report. This report will include details of your eligibility for the Accutane lawsuit, expected settlement, and other relevant details. Generally the larger the extent of health damage caused by Accutane, the speedier your settlement will be decided upon. This also affects the sum of the settlement you’ll be eligible for.

Filing Your Accutane Lawsuit

It’s understandable that victims of Accutane will be hesitant to get involved in the complications of the legal system. However, now the process is simpler than ever before. All you’ve got to do is fill up the evaluation form on our site with details of your Accutane case. One of our expert Accutane lawyers with years of experience in such cases will review the details in due time and get back to you with an exclusive review of your particular case. This will include:

  • Estimate of Expected Accutane Settlement Compensation
  • Evaluation of Eligibility for Filing an Accutane Lawsuit
  • Estimated Time Period for Settlement

And the best part is that you are liable for no lawyer fees up till the point where you decide to legally pursue the case. By deciding to pursue an Accutane lawsuit against the manufacturers, you could bring justice and financial respite to your broken home within a matter of three to four months. You will also be putting pressure on the FDA to ban this dangerous drug and help save thousands of future acne patients’ lives.

With a powerful team of experienced lawyers like those at Accutane Lawyers, you won’t need to worry about legal complications from the first day in court till receiving your settlement. Contact Accutane Lawyers for a free evaluation of your Accutane Lawsuit case immediately. Stand up and fight for your rights today.

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